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With experience of working with a wide range of public and private sector clients, we are able to develop a personalised solution that meets the needs of our customers and their facility users.

We pride ourselves on being an experienced team of cleaning professionals who support and provide you with a first class, trouble free cleaning service.

Our unique QR CODE system allows us to track performance, CLEVER CLEAN ®, TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED EQUIPMENT

  • We aim to deliver the service that best meets your needs for the best value price.
  • We invest in using technology to enhance our service and communication.
  • We provide an agile service to meet the  changing needs of our customers.
  • You can have confidence that we will take ownership for the compliance and administration, saving you time and money.

Smart Planner

scheduling tasks effectively

Qr System

recording task completion and providing reassurance for lone working employees.


enabling our staff understand our personalised client requirements and are skilled at delivering them.

Reporting & Inspection

ensuring we are pro-active in manging our performance and pursuing continuous improvement.

Clever Clean ®

using ‘lean’ principles to drive our efficiency and consistency

Modern Technology

utilising the latest technology to enhance our service and communication.

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